Even Santa Is Fasting & Eating Low Carb?

Hello, Health, Champions., Apparently low, carb diets and fasting has become so popular that the news has reached none other than Santa Claus himself, and today he has been so gracious to join us and to share some of the experiences and hopefully inspire some others to follow.

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So you don't, miss anything.. You know it's, always interesting to read comments and see who has been watching my videos and I've previously seen that Darth, Vader and Genghis Khan and Jesus Christ have been following.

My channel and recently Santa Claus has joined that illustrious crowd. Ho ho ho ho., Apparently not even Santa, was immune to all that sugar in the cookies and his belly started growing and he finally realized it was time to do something about it.

. Thank you. So much for joining us on this call today, Santa.. Well, thank you for having me Dr. Ekberg. It's, my pleasure. You know I should really be the one thanking you.. Your videos have really made a tremendous difference.

In my life already., My energy is better., My belly is shrinking and I just feel so much better.. At this rate, I should be good for a couple of thousand more years.. A couple of thousand years. You say.

, I know you've been around a long time, but just how old are you Well I’d like to tell you, but that's, actually classified information doc? My public relations department, doesn't, want me to talk about that.

Let's just say I'm really really old, but even though I don't age like most people, I'm. Still not immune to the effects of sugar that's, some nasty stuff sugar. Gets you hooked and then starts wearing you down.

That it sure does. But do you mind sharing what was your turning point.? What was it that made? You decide to change? Well, there were a number of reasons: actually.. First, there were some animal rights groups who filed an official complaint with the humane society.

They claimed it was animal cruelty to have the reindeer pull around a guy who weighed over 400 pounds., And I don’t know where they got that information anyway.. I was never over 350. Well. The complaint was dismissed on the grounds that the kids would be too traumatized if they didn’t get their presents.

, But by then I'd, already heard some grumbling in the stables.. You know Rudolph was talking about starting a labor union and putting up OSHA regulation posters.. So I guess it was time to do something.

Anyway. Wow, those were some compelling reasons. There's, certainly a whole lot going on at the North Pole that doesn't reach the mainstream media, but did you say that there were even more reasons? Well, yes, doctor.

There actually is another reason. The main reason was really mrs. Claus and finally got tired of my big belly and all the huffing and puffing. We used to both be in really great shape. But while I've, let myself go.

She's, always taking really good care of herself.. While I was out flying around eating cookies, mrs. Claus was hitting the gym.. You know the media has always portrayed her as this nice, frail elderly, lady and well.

We let them because my marketing people say that works for our brand., So this picture shows how she's typically being portrayed. But here's, a more recent picture of the real, mrs. Santa. Ho ho ho.. As you can see, the years have been very kind to her.

She’s held up really well, I mean, frankly, I'm, not sure how she's. Put up with me all these years., Oh wow., To say that she's held up well is quite the understatement.. I can certainly see why you would be motivated to keep up with a woman like that.

. Well, thank you, doctor Ekberg I’ll. Let her know you said: that. She’ll be real pleased to hear that.. She was actually the one who found your videos and after watching them for a while she one day just put her foot down.

She said Christopher Kringle. You're, going to watch some of this doctor’s videos. You know they're different and I must say it was quite a relief to learn that I could still eat steak in butter and eggs.

. You know last time she tried to get me to get serious about losing some weight. It was a disaster. It was during the 1980s and all I could eat was lettuce and rice, cakes and low-fat bran muffins and well let's.

Just say that didn't work out so well.. No, I'm sure it didn't work so well, but fortunately we do know better. Today, let's. Just get back to your current health Journey. How is that been going for you, Oh boy, doc? It has been so easy.

. I eat real food. I eat lots of fat, but I quit all the cookies and the pounds are coming off. You know your videos have made all the difference.. I finally understand how the body works and I'm using all the tools, as you like to call it.

Low-Carb fasting and exercise. We’ve even built a gym at the North Pole, so I lift weights and play some ball too.. Let me tell you that mrs. Claus is appreciating my improved energy. Being around her often results in some high-intensity interval activity.

If you know what I mean ho ho ho ho., I think I hear you loud and clear Santa and it's great, that you're using all the weight loss tools that we talk about, but let's. Get back to some of the earlier years, if you've been around so long.

How is it that you started gaining weight and developing insulin resistance? You know doc. It comes with the territory of being Santa that people give you treats and they put out food.. You know I give them presents and they want to be generous in return and it's super sweet.

Hundreds of years ago there was no problem, was easy to stay healthy, because the food and the treats people gave me well, they were real food. Processed food wasn't even invented yet. People gave me ham and sausage and sauerkraut, but over time things started going downhill.

First, it was oatmeal and rice porridge, which you know that wasn't terribly bad., But over the last hundred years. All I've been getting, is cookies and milk., And even then I did okay, while the cookies were made with real butter and molasses, but as people have got too busy with their lives and forgot, how to cook and bake for themselves, all I’ve Been getting for the last 30 years are store, bought cookies with margarine white sugar and chemicals, and that's when my health really took a dive.

. Yes, that's, certainly unfortunate. The quality of food all around the world is just getting worse, but let's, get back to your blood work and when we sat down for the consultation - and we talked about how your A1C and your insulin and your triglycerides and your cholesterol balance There was some pretty scary numbers there, so I know you got motivated to do something about that.

So how's that been going since then It’s been a real eye. Opener Dr Ekberg. I’ve lost 30 pounds. Already I don't have cravings anymore. My energy is so much better. Like you explained on our last call, all the numbers are improving.

I used to think it was normal to have mood, swings and energy swings and that you had to have snacks. Every 2 hours, but now with intermittent fasting, I eat once or twice a day, and I have so much more energy plus the time savings of not eating.

All the time really helps a busy guy like Santa. Yeah. I imagine it's. Pretty busy work to be Santa. Is the stress pretty significant in your line of work. Oh, let me tell you about stress doc.. There is never a dull moment, but now that I can fit down chimneys again and the reindeer have dropped the lawsuits.

. I can cope much better with the stress now. I'm, actually looking forward to the Christmas season this year. It's, going to be a cinch.. I'm so glad to hear that Santa. Now. Does that mean I'm finally going to get what I wanted for Christmas? You did get my letter right.

Yes, I sure did get your letter Dr. Ekberg, but I'm afraid. According to company policy, I can't, make any exceptions just because I like you, even if you did turn me in to Health Champion., We'll. Just have to see if you've been naughty or nice, when all your deeds are tallied up.

. Well, I can certainly understand that. We don't want to violate any policy.. I'll. Just have to be extra good from now until Christmas., But tell me now that Santa no longer eats any cookies or milk.

Is there anything else, any sort of treat that you'd, like for people to leave out for Santa? You know that's, a good point, Dr. Ekberg.. We should probably explain Cookies and milk are out bone broth and Bulletproof Coffee and steak, and eggs they’re in.

Any kind of steak. Any kind of meat. Well, except for reindeer that that would just be wrong. Well, obviously, reindeer are going to be off the menu.. I hope people understand that., But one thing that I’ve found is that when people make big life, changes and change the way that they eat, one of the big challenges is that they have to find new foods and new recipes and new ways to prepare food.

Is there anything that you want to share something that has helped you in that process.? Actually I’m really lucky in that department, because my nephew also has a YouTube Channel where he barbecues and grills all kinds of meat and he doesn’t use sugar.

So I can use all of his recipes. That's great.. That sounds like a good resource for people. We’ll be sure to put a link in the description.. Well, thanks for having me on Dr Ekberg and thanks for helping me get healthier, We’ll see you on Christmas.

. Thank you for joining us today and sharing your story Santa. I think, like any celebrity, who takes action, you've, probably inspired thousands of people to follow in your steps and do something about their health.

Thank you. Now. If you want to follow in Santa &, # 39 s, footsteps and learn more about how to get truly healthy, go ahead and watch that one next. Thank you so much for watching. I & # 39. Ll, see you in the next video

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